Loving Character of our Father

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The Penalty of Sin - God is not the Author of Death show video ▼hide video ▲

It was generally believed by the Jews that sin is punished in this life. Every affliction was regarded as the penalty of some wrongdoing, either of the sufferer himself or of his parents. It is true that all suffering results from the transgression of God’s law, but this truth had become perverted. Satan, the author of sin and all its results, had led men to look upon disease and death as proceeding from God,—as punishment arbitrarily inflicted on account of sin. Hence one upon whom some great affliction or calamity had fallen had the additional burden of being regarded as a great sinner. – {DA 471.1}

Presented: Mar 11, 2017
Presenter: Adrian Ebens

The Object of the Third Angels Message show video ▼hide video ▲

The Object of the Third Angels message is to seal the servants of God in their foreheads. The seal is the Fathers Name Rev 14:1 and the Father's name is His character. The character is revealed in the earthly life of Jesus.

Presented: Jan 28, 2017
Presenter: Adrian Ebens